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Sushi and Noodle Express

Call Us: 919.968.4747

Operating Hours:

Monday, Tuesday 11:30-3pm | 5pm-8pm
Closed Wednesday
Thursday 11:30-3pm | 5pm-8pm
Friday, Saturday 11:30-3pm | 5pm-9pm
Sunday 11:30-3pm | 5pm-8pm

Kurama Sushi & Noodle Express delivers an authentic taste of Japan with sushi rolls artfully crafted by chef Hiro Yuki from Toyko. Both sushi chefs have been practicing the art of Sushi for over 20 years. Hero has even prepared dinner for the 1999 Masters Golf Champion.

Kurama features a kaiten sushi bar aka a rolling sushi bar or sushi conveyer as well as made-to-order nigiri, sashimi and abundant specialty rolls all as delicious as they are beautiful. The kaiten sushi bar has fresh sushi rolls constantly rolling by, ranging in price from $1 - $5. Nigiri, Sashimi and Specialty rolls are too numerous to name but range from Tuna, Yellowtail, and Mackeral to Eel, Ikura Nigirl (Salmon eggs) and Smelt Roe.

The noodle selection at Kurama features various types of Udon, Ramen, and Soba all topped with seaweed, scallions, egg slices and fishcakes. Appetizers include Edamame, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Fried Squid, Soups, Salads, Vegetable & Shrimp Tempura, Beef & Vegetable Gyoza, Shrimp Shumai and tasty Rice Bowls.

Now Hiring Full Time Sushi Chef!
Call 919-968-4747 for details.

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